Dealing, Meeting, Payment: 3 steps for new clients

There are many myths that prevail about the escort business. Many clients who might be interested refuse to participate or meet escorts because they are hesitant. The hesitation is not a mere hold back due to the idea of meeting an escort, it is also about how to find an escort and how to escape any form of deceit. All these factors contribute to make these potential clients step back. There is a very reliable and easy way to approach agencies or independent escorts in Mumbai and fix up a nice meeting. We ourselves are cautious of confidentiality, rates, escorts, schedule and of course the sessions. These matters are dealt with a professional conduct to bring forth the best results. Here is that ideal method explained for you to get escorts.

Independent Escorts in Mumbai Escorts in Mumbai


If you are a new customer then the first thing you need to do is to find a reliable source. Approach an agency or some independent call girls in Mumbai through a website or other contact. Then find out all possible details that concern you.

You might want to clarify and know more about

  • The rates that are charged
  • Incall and outcall facility
  • If you can find the kind of escort you want. For instance- you may prefer a skinny mature escort.
  • If you want an escort for some event.
  • Some specific demand that you may have for the session
  • Restrictions or boundaries that you have or the escort has.
  • Confidentiality and privacy concerns

If these parameters deem you fit then schedule a meeting according to your convenience.


The meeting should be absolutely comforting for you. You can put aside your inhibitions and enjoy your time with the escort. The escorts make it a point to please their clients. She will dress provocatively and act in a submissive and participating manner. The escorts are also flexible to experiment with some technique or try out a new position. You can share all your desires with her without any fear. There can be playful acts or role plays, you can share and vent your personal matters and relieve your stress. There is no scope of personal comment or judgement. The escorts stay within their limits but also show a humble and affectionate attitude to entertain their clients. Also there is no rush in the sessions and complete satisfaction is ascertained for you.


Do not be rash about making a payment. This should be a matter of gratitude that you express to the escort for her service. Be humble and thank her in a polite affectionate manner. A respectful behaviour is implicit to this step of the business. Some Mumbai escorts also share that they appreciate tips and it is considered a kind and warm thing to do.

So if you want to have a mind blowing experience and enjoy your time with some sexy chick then immediately appoint a meeting and experience the thrill of making your fantasies come true. These hot divas won’t ever let you down.

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